Our Farm



We are a family living on a smallholding in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Our desire is to live as self-sufficiently as possible using the land around our farmhouse to produce as much fresh food as possible. We have had a fantastic couple of years and following a significant birthday (cough.. 30 years old...cough), a new passion for ice cream making emerged.


Realising that we had almost all the ingredients a stone's throw away from our front door ( and also realising that we couldnt keep eating the sheer volume of ice cream we made, by ourselves)

Hill Farm Ice Cream was born.

Our Animals 

We keep a number of animals on our small holding, but the most important of these are our lovely chickens. They have a large pen in our orchard protected with an electric fence to keep the crafty     Mr Fox out, although our wily girls have learned to sleep in the apple trees to evade him! They are free to roam and scratch about all the day long, and when their egg laying days are over they live out the rest of their feathery days with us us in as much peace as scatty chickens can do!