Our Products

Beautiful, rich and creamy hand made Ice Cream
Its.... Legendairy!

Rich Vanilla Custard

Double Chocolate

Scrummy Strawberry

Turkish Delight

Malted Milk


Strawberry and Mint Sorbert

Clemantine Sherbet

Very Cherry

Rum and Raisin...



Any requests taken gladly

Our Flavours

Shhh......We have a secret item on our menu.


We love stories at Hill Farm and The Gruffalo is one of our favourites. So, those in the know can get themselves an

'Owl Ice Cream' from our Ice Cream trailer, but only if you utter the following phrase.....


'He's down by the stream, eating Owl Ice Cream"


We look forward to serving you one soon!



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Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm / Saturday 9am – 5pm / Sunday 10am – 4pm